A Plague Plagued


Photo: Getty Images/Anton Petrus

Capitalism is the plague we’ve been suffering from,
We’re the greatest country in the world digging mass graves,
We’ve poisoned the air and waters and created slums,
Privatized our social services and created a class of new slaves.

This plague has a bigger death toll than the current pandemic,
From the middle passage to the trail of tears, and endless war, it’s evident,
Gave us enough debt, comfort, and distractions, it’s systemic,
Bring up this string of sorrow and capitalists cut it up claiming it’s not relevant.

A race to the bottom, the air wreaks with the smell of Trumpster fires,
Uncle Sam’s bent over and convinced a whole sect to smile and pucker,
While the idiot box keeps blasting theĀ  clown-in-chief and his band of liars,
X said show me a capitalist and I’ll show you a blood sucker.

Fitting a bat is supposed to be the source of this virus,
Globalism was just another word for exporting extortion and pain,
Now we resorting back to manufacturing our own goods maybe it will inspire us,
Quarantining is moving the money machine into the slow lane.

A King said the Empire would fall on its own swords of militarism, materialism and racism,
A stark warning looks more and more like an omen becoming reality,
We let technology advance and kept holding back the masses with more -isms,
I heard the revolution won’t be televised so hopefully these devices help set us free.

-Elijah Romulus