Paying Homage to a Brockton Community Activist


Fabiola Hyppolite, 39, of Brockton, passed away on November 18, 2018, after a valiant battle with cancer. Poems for Joujou author, Elijah, knew Fabie as she was called through shared community advocacy work in Brockton. Elijah wrote a poem honoring her which was recently released in the Spring Edition of a local publication called The South Shore Community Magazine. The poems is as follows:

Let it Shine

In the background Coltrane plays A Love Supreme,
On this cold December morning I reflect on the year 2018.
Lost so many great people I think of Fabie, Aretha Franklin, Stan Lee.
Life comes at you fast.
I learned that when my mom, Joujou, passed away the year before,
Sleepless nights wrestling with “What ifs” knocking at my cranium’s door.
A saw a lot of my mom in Fabie, a strong Haitian woman with love for all.
Enough to give to her family and spread to her community,
We need more of those people in this world that lacks unity.
We are living in some terrible times I can’t pretend it’s all gravy,
A president bent on building walls and talking and passing laws all crazy.
Mother Nature sending distress signals from tsunamis in Indonesia to fires in Cali,
Meanwhile the racists have come out the woodwork bold enough to hold public rallies.
We need a Love Supreme a black mother’s love, indigenous mother’s love, an ally’s mother’s love.
A revolutionary love that eases the pain America puts on a poor or person of color’s brain.
Because without it, we’ve lost what makes us human: compassion and care.
Before my mother passed, I had dreams of buying her a big fancy house,
Taking her on grand trips overseas to chill on the beach in a linen blouse.
But her health got the best of her, it’s unfair how the good die young,
When I heard Sister Fabie pass that same sorrow brought up that bad taste to my tongue.
But a wise person once told me a person’s legacy lives on through their creations,
Whether it’s their children, their works, or the love that flowed from their life’s narration.
So the one’s we lose are never truly lost if we can keep a piece of them alive,
We take their good deeds and intentions, mix it with our action and let it thrive.
In all the doom and gloom our society is engaging in at this time,
We’ll carry that little light of good ones that passed on and let it shine in 20-1-9.

A college fund for her children can be found here.