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Updated 5/12/19

"The death of a loved one can propel you on a journey that you never thought you’d venture on. For some people it can be an abyss, a sunken place, left feeling they can’t pull themselves out of. For others it can be a spiral of regrets that take hold: I wish I spent more time with them, I wish I said this, I wish I did that. One might discover newfound strength and endurance they never had. In the end it is a journey of mourning that can make or break an individual or a family.

I had just graduated with my Masters, found a job in the field of study, and got engaged to the woman I love. Then…


A shock to my system.

The night I lost my mother will be ingrained in my mind till I reach my final resting place. A phone call at 3 in the morning from a doctor and my whole world was flipped upside down. For many of us we dread thinking about the day we have to bury our parents and at 27 I felt (and still do feel like) I was robbed of enjoying my adult years with my mother.

Learning how to deal with a hole in your soul no one can replace is tough but you carry on whether by faith, the support of loved ones, or the a newfound knowledge of self. My mother left myself and my three siblings and as we deal with the loss we turn to ways in which we can honor her legacy.

The four of us in one way or another turned to writing literature as an outlet, writing plays, writing articles, writing a thesis, or writing poetry. We would always share our work with our mom and it always made her proud. In finding a way to honor her legacy we decided to share our poetry that we shared with her, and some that we kept to ourselves, to the world."

Poems from Eli

The words to describe the love my mom had for me is hard to describe.
Like, when a mother loves their child they will move heaven and earth for them.
Her love was warm like an August evening with a relieving breeze.
Her love was strong like an elephant in its majesty and sheer power.
Her love was swift like a dolphin gliding through an ocean’s current.
Her love was sacred like the reverence we have for our Creator.
Her love was patient like the kind only a mother can have for their child.
Her love was pure never faked never forced.
Her love was consistent she was always no less than a phone call away.
Her love was nurturing, giving me the ability to stand up in this world.
Her love was revolutionary, a black woman raising children against all the odds.
Her love was radiant everyone and anyone could sense her spirit.
Her love was true never a doubt about how she felt for you.
Her love was special there are not many people like that in this cold world.
Her love lives on through me and any person she touched in her life.

Poems from Issa

How do we say goodbye to yesterday?
And all the memories that we share?
Contemplating and reminiscing that you’d stay,
The pain and sorrow I cannot bear.

Why do the good always have to die young?
I guess God always has his reasons,
Finding out was a tragedy, speechless as if no air in my lungs,
Time passes by each and every season.

Little things remind me of you and this is oh so true,
When I’m by myself I express every emotion on my mind,
Remorse in my heart wishing I spent more time grew,
I didn’t see it coming as if I were blind.

Life is a gift from God my only question is why?
Why do people take it for granted when their ups go down?
Some people bottle it in while others break down and cry,
Thinking about all we’ve been through, good and bad, smile to a frown.

I can’t believe you’re gone, not here I guess it was meant,
I get lost in daydream as I look up at the sky,
God thank you for taking an angel early, that’s my testament,
I know it’s the hardest thing to say, but I guess I have to say, goodbye.
-Life: A Gift from God

Poems from Nina

Dear Mom,
I cannot sleep on my own bed,
When you are not on yours.

Dear Mom,
I cannot sleep at night,
If I have not heard from you.

Dear Mom,
When I look in the mirror,
I see you;

Dear Mom,
It scares me.

Dear Mom,
I feel your suffering.

Dear Mom,
I suffer your pain.

Dear Mom,
Be at peace.

Dear Mom,
You are a piece of me.

Dear Mom.
Dear Mom.
I try not to be angry,
But anger feels easier than grief.
I try not to cry,
I desensitize myself,
I wait for you to leave the hospital,
Just to have you return again.
I fear I will inherit your fate.
I schedule sterilization.
No child,
Should watch their mother suffer.
No mother,
Should watch their children die.
Take my liver,
So you will survive.
Take my lungs,
So when your breath
You no longer BREAK.
Take my teeth,
So you can smile.
Take my hair,
So that you are crowned.
Take my heart,
So you can fight.
Take my body,
Have my strength.
Take my eyes,
So you can see.
Take my skin.
Take me.
Give me your pain.
-Dear Mom

Poems from Josh

Now I am sick of love,
She hath eyes like the moon bright as a dove.
But was she mine to keep,
Prolonging feelings that I can’t sleep.
Truly a feeling of solitude to be alone,
When I was with you I carried the world on my back on my own.
Suddenly a burden feels uplifted,
A true fortune intertwined gifted.
But why then does it float away,
I don’t know whether I should admire the feeling or try to catch something astray.
I guess in inception we can live the perfect world through our dreams,
Your soften lips dove eyes with moon beams.
What would happen if I saw you again?
Would I be able to call you friend?
Or like the night with no moon have no light,
Your Ora your spirit though blinded seems in sight.
But that was the past I walked that path before,
So I watch you graciously fly away through the threshold on the other side of the door.
-Dove Eyes

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