Made close to 30 revolutions around the Earth,
Still tryna understand what life is worth.
Found my ebony Queen and asked her to build with me,
Now we plotting on our empire till kingdom cometh to thee.
I was smart enough to sow seeds some odd years ago,
Now I'm reaping the benefits and people see the glow.
But no one prepares you for death whether its sudden or certain,
Shed a lot of tears at my mom's last scene when they closed the curtains,
Shook my family for real we dealing with the mourning and hurtin'.
Fortune, or famine? A young brotha's decipherin’ perception,
Meanwhile we have a cold civil war in conception.
A pastor told me the only hope you can find is in God,
I see a world full of lost children searching for hope in the fake and the frauds.
Lord have mercy I just saw a cop pop at a little black boy,
So excuse me if some days I don't find a little black joy.
Caging little latinxs now and the debates about what can we do next,
Got me thinking about the ballot or the bullet that's word to Malcolm X.
Humankind can right wrongs if they stop trading morals for comfort and wealth,
Direction: something that comes with knowledge of self.
This text is just an expression of pain and the pursuit of better days,
While I try to break records, break chains, and break my debtors play.
Say what's on your heart but don't wear it on your sleeve,
Cause they'll take the shirt off your back these honorless thieves.
It's true they say hind sight is bout 20/20,
The younger me lacked the wisdom to see enemies that were acting friendly.
But since then peripherals changed and my vision is clear,
Buried the lesser me and now God is the only thing I fear.
Made some mistakes but not too many made twice,
That's why now my circle is tighter than djon djon on rice.
Now my focus is bent on leaving a legacy,
So when you see me leveling up just know that it's meant to be.

-Elijah Romulus
August 12, 2019